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Finding the Right Dane

Adding a carefully bred Great Dane to your household is a lifetime commitment that can bring you great joy. Be prepared to wait — sometimes a year or more — to find a Dane whose appearance and temperament will reflect the breed standard as the “Apollo of dogs” and whose breeders health test their stock in an effort to reduce the risk of disorders such as hip displasia and cardiac disease. While finding a responsibly bred dog may take some time, the wait will be worth it and can save you a lot of future heartache.

While the GDCNE doesn’t “endorse” individual breeders, from time to time our website and Dane Line newsletter list members in good standing with the Club who may have dogs available. Kim Thurler, Norfolk, Mass.,, 508-528-8920, serves as a general information resource and is happy to answer questions about the breed.
Intelligence, loyalty, and dependability are true breed characteristics.
– American Kennel Club breed standard
Adopting a rescue Dane that needs a new home can be a great option, particularly if you are open to an adult dog and are an experienced dog owner. The Great Dane Club of New England does not offer a direct rescue service but we support Great Dane Rescue of New England, Inc. ( If you are a GDCNE member, please see information on our Contribute page about our 2021 Rescue Challenge, in memory of Ellie Berger and Ronni Levine, that can double members’ rescue gifts made by March 31, 2021. Both the Great Dane Club of New England and Great Dane Rescue of New England are non-profits and contributions may be tax-deductible.
Other resources
Great Dane Club of America The Great Dane Club of America, which is the parent club of the Great Dane Club of New England, offers a wealth of information, including Great Dane breed history, the breed standard, health and welfare, finding a breeder, and rescue. 

American Kennel Club The American Kennel Club (AKC) provides information about the Great Dane and  almost 200 other dog breeds and how you can get involved with activities such as rally, agility, obedience and conformation shows. Check out this free AKC video on how to show your own dog.