GDCNE Code of Ethics
For members

Code of Ethics for the members of the Great Dane Club of New England, Inc.


Any transactions, such as stud or breeding agreements, or the sale of a puppy, should be in writing, listing any stipulations, with a copy to each party.

Sale of Puppies

  1. No puppies shall be offered for sale to pet stores, mail order houses, or catalog sales.
  2. All puppies shall be sold with a Health Certificate and a signed agreement by the purchaser that the puppy shall be examined by a vet of the purchaser’s choice within 72 hours of purchase. If the puppy is found to have any physical ailments, full refund should be made by the seller upon return of the puppy.
  3. No puppies should leave the litter before 8 weeks of age.
  4. All puppies that are going to be cropped should be cropped between 7 and 12 weeks of age, preferably between 7 and 9 weeks.
  5. It should be advised at the time of sale that pet quality puppies may be given Limited Registration, and therefore spayed or neutered.
  6. Breeders should provide a four generation color-coded pedigree upon the completion of the terms of the sale of a puppy.
  7. A breeder or stud owner refusing to assist in rescuing a dog of his/her breeding may not be referred by any Club member for future litters, and will be barred or removed from listing with Massachusetts Breeder Referral Service, Inc.

Breeding a Bitch

  1. A bitch should not be bred before 16 months of age, preferably 18 months of age.
  2. No bitch shall have more than 2 litters in 3 consecutive seasons, for the benefit of the bitch’s health.
  3. All bitches to be bred must have proof of negative (for pathogens) vaginal culture and negative brucellosis, and immunization status should be discolsed.
  4. All bitches should be x-ray evaluated prior to being bred, to help alleviate hip dysplasia.

Stud Dog Service

  1. Stud dogs should be x-rayed free from hip dysplasia if offered for service.
  2. A stud certificate should be issued, dated for every breeding at time of service.
  3. Stud owners should feel that the breeder is a responsible person, capable of raising a litter.
  4. All dogs to be used at stud must have proof of negative brucellosis, and all immunization status should be disclosed.
  5. Stud owners should offer their help to the breeder if at all possible.
  6. Stud agreements should be in writing, and clearly understood by both parties, including what constitutes a litter.

Status of Dogs Used for Breeding

  1. No Great Dane shall be bred that is not registered with the A.K.C., or registered in the country of its origin that is recognized by the A.K.C.
  2. All dogs with the following disqualifying faults should be neutered or spayed, if not culled, so that they will not reproduce themselves: deafness; no visible scrotum, or monorchids; split noses; cleft palates.

Pure Color Breeding

  1. It is suggested that pedigrees be researched with regard to color prior to breeding, and that the color code as set forth by the Great Dane Club of America be followed.
  2. Members are encouraged to refer to this Code of Ethics in dealings with the public, and to make copies available to any persons desiring same.


  1. To further the advancement of the Great Dane breed and to encourage responsible breeding of the Great Dane.
  2. To promote and safeguard the common interest of its members.
  3. To assist members in the breeding, registering and exhibiting of pure bred Great Danes registered with the American Kennel Club.
  4. To sponsor and promote interest in shows where Great Danes are exhibited.
  5. To take action on all matters concerning the welfare of the members and of the breed.
  6. To concern ourselves with, and take action upon, any other matters which may legally fall within the jurisdiction of the Club.

Intelligence, loyalty and dependability are true breed characteristics. 
– American Kennel Club breed standard
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